The momentum builds

Hello Systems Thinkers,

We’re going public

I’ve some good news to share.  Word of our efforts are spreading and I’ve been asked to give a talk about our excellent learning group at the upcoming Autumn Open Meeting of Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations (SCiO).

The event  is in  Manchester on the 17th October.  I’ve been to a couple of SCiO Open Days now and they are excellent.  They always have a set of talks covering a diverse set of systemic approaches to approaching organisation, management and leadership.  They are real melting pots and the questions, conversation and debate that follow on from talks are always rich and powerful learning experiences.  Here is a link to the event promo page. Take a look, as the other speakers look brilliant.

We’re part of a wider community

I’m thrilled and honoured the community view our efforts in STA to be worthy of a platform at this event.  I’ll try to capture the spirit of adventure we’re taking in our efforts to intrapreneurially improve our individual capabilities, joint capabilities and those of the organisations we work for. I mentioned in  a post a week or two ago that I’m genuinely proud and impressed with the way you group members have taken to and stuck with this and I will make sure that is communicated.  

We’re doing something special together

We’re beginning to gain  some real momentum, with spin off projects being set up by “sub-groups” now to look at specific topics. I’ve recently said in conversation to a couple of you that I think we’re doing something quite “special” here.  That’s not to say special in a sense that we deserve fame and glory.  I mean special in the sense that we’ve tapped into a ground-up approach to learning that’s genuinely working and there is a real sense of fun, productivity and for me at least, personal fulfillment in what we’re doing.  This self-directed approach isn’t the norm in our top-down “command and control” type hierarchical supraorganisations.

We’re not alone

Back to the talk, but also following on, I will be sharing the stage with a chap I know called Mike Haber.  Interestingly, he is also leading a Systems Thinking oriented learning group where he works.  The approach he, and his group are taking is different to ours, but at its heart is the same spirit of bottom up personal learning and development.  We’ll be doing a kind of compare and contrast of the two groups and why we’ve taken the approaches we have.  I hope we will draw out what others who may be interested in setting up their own  groups, and I hope others will, should think about and focus on.  Like I said above, I think there is something quite special about being in an active learning group and any advice and help we can offer to others so they might enjoy the experience, we will.  And on that subject if there are any readers of this blog out there who are thinking of setting  up their own learning group, please don’t be shy, just get in touch.

2 thoughts on “The momentum builds”

  1. I’m intending to attend the SCiO 17/10/2016 event in Manchester, and looking forward to hear more about your learning group, the challenges it is tackling, your goals, and what you’ve achieved so far – even it is only a view of how far the group and individuals are up a maturity stair case for use of systems thinking techniques!


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