No rest for the wicked (problems)

We’ve a busy month ahead

We’ve quite a bit going on over September.  Have a look at the plan below.  I know we don’t always manage to stick to our plans, but i think there’s a good chance we will this one.

One thing I want to ask, is whether you feel ready to now move away from this “hard” approach to gathering and analysing requirements that we’ve been using to move more into the realm of “soft” systems approaches.  Ultimately, I think it’s “soft systems” approaches that are going to be most fruitful for us as service commissioners, but before we make the move, I want to check you don’t want to spend more time working with the HRM approach.  We could spend a lot more time developing our abilities with it if we wanted to and we’ve barely scratched the surface with it.  Then again, we can always come back to it.  I think we could do with having a look at the Soft Systems Methodology in October and seeing how we get on with it, but do let me know what you think.

1st September –  Allotment Requirements – the task of defining requirements for our allotment

8th September –  Mary and Julian will present work they’re doing on a project about social isolation using the tools and techniques they’ve learned through STA

15th September – I will give a talk recapping on the ground we’ve covered so far and where I see us going next

22nd September –  We have a special guest joining us; Sam Williams a fellow joint INCOSE and SCiO member and a professional Systems Engineer who is very much a Systems Thinker.  Looking forward to that.  You can’t help but be bowled over by Sam’s enthusiasm for the subject.

29th September – Group member Sam will tell us about a Public Health National Obesity project using systems approaches

So, lots going on over here at STA towers.  Let’s see where it all takes us.

Into October I hope.  Which I already have quite a few plans for, so they’ll be no rest for us an our wicked problems.


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