Big News – Gary Smith Talk Tomorrow

Systems Thinkers,

Things here at STA Towers are going very well indeed.

Thank you to the brilliant Jean Boulton

Last week, the brilliant Jean Boulton came to talk to us about Complexity Theory and what it means for managers like us.  It was fantastic and we’ll be putting up a full post with reflections on what Jean told us and what it means for our work.

Another Special Guest – Gary Smith
In advance of that though, I just had to update you with some brilliant news.  Gary Smith, the INCOSE International Healthcare Ambassador has agreed to come and talk to us at our session tomorrow.
Gary is on something  of a high at the moment.  Along with Brigitte Daniel Allegro he won an award for Best Systems Science paper at the INCOSE International Symposium in Edinburgh two weeks ago.   It’s major conference in the international systems community calendar, and their work on Architectural parallels between Engineered and Biological Defence and Security Systems went down a storm.  Then last week he was in Boulder, Colorado, for the International Society for Systems Science conference where the theme was Achieving a Sustainable Future and he ran a plenary session on Engineering Sustainable Solutions.
It just so happens Gary has a window of opportunity this week, and he’s offered to come to talk to us tomorrow.  I know it’s short notice, and some of you are away on holiday, so I’m sorry you’ll miss this, but for those of you who can come, do.
The Systems Tree
There are lots of fascinating things Gary could talk to us about, including the papers mentioned above and the brilliant work he and Brigitte did on  taking a Systems Thinking Perspective to the complex medical condition of Sepsis, but we thought it would be best to look at the  Systems Tree.
The Systems Tree is a model he and Brigitte developed to communicate the essential concepts and components of Systems Thinking to learners like us.  Here’s a sneak peak of it:
The Systems Tree
The Systems Tree
OK, I hope to see you tomorrow.

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