Why Systems Thinking?

There are two immediate reasons:

1. It’s interesting!

2. We find the approaches incredibly useful in trying to gain a deeper understanding of complex organisational problems and then designing appropriate interventions. It’s useful!

There is substantial and sometimes heated debate out in the internet forums about what Systems Thinking is and isn’t.  To be honest, we’re applying a pretty loose definition here.  My interest is in all systemic approaches, including Systems Thinking, Systems Engineering and anything else that looks useful.  I expect the blog to cover areas such as Strategy and Leadership and any other topic that seems interesting and appropriate to myself, our group and other contributors.  So if you’re a Systems Thinking purist and think we’re discussing things that are not strictly Systems Thinking, I appologise in advance, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.  Having said that, helpful debate and comments are very welcome. Let’s have a dialogue and learn together.