Why Anonymous?

Well, this aspect of our title is just a bit of fun really.  Having said that, becoming a Systems Thinker can be a lonely path and the opportunity to find fellowship with others is welcome.  In my experience, once Systems Thinking concepts began to click, I started to see the world and organisational life in a different way.  I started to see problems and solutions quite differently.    This is both an  advantage and a disadvantage.

The advantage is that one becomes better at identifying what’s really going on in a situation and finding the true source/s of problems, and in turn, better solutions.  You genuinely become more strategic in your approach.  The disadvantage is that your colleagues may still see and seek linear problem/solution relationships and do not see or are not interested in the new systemic views you have.  They’re just too busy, and need quick and easy solutions now.  This can make you an outsider, and sometimes, just sometimes, you wish you didn’t see the bigger picture. Life might be easier (though less fulfilling) if you weren’t a Systems Thinker.  As they say, ignorance is bliss, or so it sometimes seems. Systems Thinkers Anonymous is sanctuary and fellowship for those of us who feel this way and have realised we’re suffering from wicked problems that simply don’t have simple solutions.