What’s the Blog for?

Primarily, the purpose of the blog is to document the learning group’s path and progress.  It’s a way of offering a kind of course text for group members and anyone else out there who is interested to follow a similar path.  The intention is for there to be a post each week summarising what we did in our group session, what we discussed and any particular learning points and reflections.

It is also a place for myself and any other group member or member of the wider Systems Thinking community to be able to post any thoughts and reflections they have on the subject.  Whether that be about a book or article they recently read, an event they’ve attended or just their thoughts on whatever is in the news, but from a Systems Thinking perspective.

I hope any readers find the site useful.  It’s motivation is a sense of discovery and learning and a desire to connect with the wider world.  Please do get in touch if you’ve any thoughts on what we say here, or if you’d just like to say hi.  All folk suffering with wicked problems are welcome here.