Special Thanks

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to a few people and organisations who have supported my own journey into Systems Thinking and also supported the Systems Thinkers Anonymous learning group.

Stuart Burge

Firstly, I want to thank Stuart Burge, and his consultancy Burge Hughes Walsh.  Stuart has kindly made a wealth literature he’s written describing how to us a variety of Systems Thinking tools and helpful articles available for free on his website.  Have a look here to beginwith. The learning group has been using this literature and it’s excellent.  It’s formed the backbone of our learning and has given us a path to follow.  I can’t emphasise enough, how good this material is, and how fortunate we are that Stuart has created it, and then made it available to the world free of charge. Thank you Stuart.


Secondly, I want to say thank you to the systems community in general, but in particular to my fellow members at the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations (SCiO).  Both are excellent organisations and have welcomed and supported me on this journey.  I would urge anyone setting out with an interest in systems approaches to become a member of at least one, and ideally both.  They provide lots of opportunity to meet with fellow systems people and to explore the world together.  I’ve been a member of other memberships organisations before, including some well known and prestigious ones.  I can say for sure though, that INCOSE and SCiO knock the socks off of them.  They offer seriously good value for money and do a great job of developing and promoting our shared interests.  Thank you!