A fellowship for people with wicked problems

Who are we?

Systems Thinkers Anonymous is a learning group for people interested in learning about systemic approaches to solving complex organisational problems.  We meet once a week during a lunch break and are slowly but surely expanding our knowledge and capability in designing systemic interventions to improve the health services we commission.

Why Systems Thinking?

It’s interesting!


We find the approaches incredibly useful in trying to gain a deeper understanding of complex organisational problems and then designing appropriate interventions. It’s useful.

Why Anonymous?

Well, this aspect of our title is just a bit of fun really.  Having said that, becoming a Systems Thinker can be a lonely path and the opportunity to find fellowship with others is welcome.  This is a place for people who want to get to grips with their wicked problems, in a world that often doesn’t recognise problems can be wicked, or that systemic approaches to problem solving are needed. 

What does the Blog Cover?

Primarily, the purpose of the blog is to document the learning group’s path and progress.  It is also a place for myself and any other group member or member of the wider Systems Thinking community to be able to post any thoughts and reflections they have on the subject.  It’s motivation is a sense of discovery and learning and a desire to connect with the wider world.  Views expressed here are personal ones and do not necessarily reflect those of our employers or any other groups or organisations we are members of.  Please do get in touch if you’ve any thoughts on what we say here, or if you’d just like to say hi.  All folk suffering with wicked problems are welcome here.

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