Week 18 Part 1: Systemic Textual Analysis Homework

2 Parts this week:

Hello Systems Thinkers,

Well, what can I say, we’ve still not done the Systemic Textual Analysis.  I was on holiday for the two weeks preceding this one and the group had a break in the first week and then met last week to discuss an exciting project two group members are working on.  They’re looking to improve the lot of people in our community who are suffering from social isolation and have been using the approaches and methods we’ve been learning to guide their work.  I expect we’ll get a piece up here on the blog about it in due course.

I’m splitting this week’s post up into two. The first to give you this week’s homework in time for your Saturday morning email update.  I’ll then write up a summary of our discussion in this week’s session over the weekend.  So, if you’re reading this in your email update, then please do check the actual blog to see part 2 of the post.

We still need to do our Systemic Textual Analysis

This week, we met as per usual.  I’d wanted to do the Systemic Textual Analysis of our allotment, but I’d also wanted to take the opportunity to talk a bit about what Systems Thinking is and in the end, that took up the whole session.  We’ll aim to do the Systemic Textual Analysis next week, so please do the homework of completing the following template.

Systemic Textual Analysis

I’ve already inserted the Functional Requirements proposed by our friend and blog commenter Julian Johnson.  I think we should focus on trying to come up with the Non-Functional System Requirements and Non-Functional Performance and Implementation Requirements.  Give it a go, and then we can compare and combine our work and try to come up with a complete set.  Do also think if there are any Functional Requirements we’ve missed.  And in case you’ve lost the Stuart Burge paper we’re using for this, here it is:


I’ll get part two of this post up asap.  It discussed what Systems Thinking is, the variety of approaches and methodologies and why we’re going to take the direction we will over the coming months.

For now, enjoy your weekend,


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